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Japan’s 2011 Tsunami From Car Video (Amazing Footage)

A car in Japan has a dashboard camera going, just as the tsunami comes sweeping inland. You see the earthquake tremors, as the trees and road signs wobble. A passerby steadies himself on the shifting sidewalk, and then the tremors … Continue reading

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Dancing Squid and Frog Legs Ready to Eat (Video’s)

The other day I was over at Big Happy Nothing, and I watched a video of people eating live octopus, (check it out) anyway it reminded me of an article that I had seen in the paper about people eating … Continue reading

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Would you use This Toilet? Japan (Video)

Unfortunately I couldn’t find an english version of this, but even though it is not in english, I’m sure you will understand exactly what is going on. 😯

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Japan’s Cleanup Begins:- Before and After Photo’s (June 2011)

The amount of work that has been done is astonishing after the terrible Earthquake/Tsunami that these poor people went through, sure they have to start rebuilding yet, put when you look at the pictures, the amount of rubble, concrete etc. … Continue reading

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Japan’s Nuclear Plant New Images May 2011

New Fukushima power station photos The Tokyo Electric Power Company (TEPCO) has released news photos from inside the Fukushima Nuclear Power Station, which was crippled after the March 11 earthquake and tsunami.  The ABC News Gallery. This is a slide … Continue reading

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Graphic New Video Shows People Trying to Outrun Japan’s Tsunami

This video shows the panic of some people trying to outrun the tsunami that hit Japan. You can see in the video the horrific force of the tsunami as it hit and how fast the tsunami was. People trying to … Continue reading

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Miracle Tsunami Dog’s Owner Found (Video)

How good is this, this poor dog lost at sea for 3 weeks, floating around of what was left of her owners home, finally gets rescued, and the biggest miracle of all is her owner is found, this is one … Continue reading

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Miracle Tsunami Dog Rescue. (Video)

There is a short story about the rescue in Yahoo 7 News. Update:- This beautiful dog and it’s owner now reunited (Video)

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Toilet to Cost $453,400:-Australia/Funny/Strange Toilets

Wow just under half a Million Dollars for a toilet, you would think it was made of gold. 😆 But no, just a toilet being built in Flinders street Melbourne which is the Capitol of Victoria here in OZ. It … Continue reading

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Japan:-Homeless, Hungry and now Snow.

As if the people of Japan haven’t been through enough, it has now been snowing for the last couple of days, reports are saying it has gone down as far as -3 deg, and with only intermittent power, it must … Continue reading

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