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“Radio Voice Man” Homeless Ted Williams is Offered Jobs. (2 Videos Included)

A homeless man who stunned people with his incredible voice for radio on YouTube has been offered a job. The job offer came yesterday from the NBA basketball team the Cleveland Cavaliers, who were attracted by Ted Williams’s made-for-radio voice. Ted … Continue reading

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The Internet Hoax of 2010.

A drunken tourist became a worldwide sensation after it was reported he killed a shark that had been terrorising swimmers at the Egyptian resort of Sharm-el-Sheikh. Serbian Dragan Stevic threw himself into the Red Sea and landed bottom-first onto the … Continue reading

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Failure to Launch- Copenhagen Suborbitals (Update on Home Made Rocket)

THE first launch attempt of a homemade rocket built by two Danes has failed due to a technical glitch. Eccentric engineer Peter Madsen founded Copenhagen Suborbitals with Kristian von Bengston two years ago with the aim of building the world’s … Continue reading

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Scary sculpture say Motorist:-“Freddy Kruegar Hand”

This sculpture is a new art installation in Iowa in the US, it is built next to the South 24th Street Bridge in Council Bluffs. I have to be honest and say this is very scary looking, I can only … Continue reading

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17th August 1786 David Crockett was Born (Video Included)

David Crockett (August 17, 1786 – March 6, 1836) was a celebrated 19th-century American folk hero, frontiersman, soldier and politician. He is referred to in popular culture as Davy Crockett and after the 1950s by the epithet “King of the … Continue reading

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Rare Shark of the Deep:-“Frilled Shark”

With its elongated, eel-like body and strange appearance, the frilled shark has long been likened to the mythical sea serpent. The head is broad and flattened with a short, rounded snout. The nostrils are vertical slits, separated into incurrent and … Continue reading

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Gun Shot Survivor:-Rebuilding Chrissy’s Face. (Video Included)

(Warning Graphic Video) A US woman whose face was blown off by a shotgun has been fitted with a new “snap-on” prosthetic face. Chrissy Steltz, 27, lost her eyes, nose and a substantial part of her skull after her drunken … Continue reading

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$45 Garage Sale Purchase worth $220 Million.

A LAWYER says a trove of old glass negatives bought in California for $45 has been authenticated as the work of iconic photographer Ansel Adams, worth at least $222 million. Lawyer Arnold Peter says a team of experts has concluded … Continue reading

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