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New World Record: World’s Longest Bike (Video)

A new world record for the longest motorbike ever made. Spanning just under 22meters or 72 feet in length, with a top speed of 56.33 km/h or 35mph. It was built by Colin Furze, a plumber from Lincolnshire, UK, in … Continue reading

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Band on a Motorcycle (Fun Video)

The video was filmed in Russia.

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Daredevil Rides Motorcycle off Andes Mountain (Video)

Andes Mountains, Chile – (Reuters) -Chilean base-jumper Julio Munoz soared off a massive cliff in the Andes mountains on his motorbike, free-falling some 3000 feet before opening his parachute. A helicopter flew equipment — including a ramp, Munoz’s motorbike, and … Continue reading

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Miraculous Escape:- Dallas Tollway (Video)

A very, very lucky man. Interview with the bike rider, click onto the picture to watch the video. You may also like:- Turkish Man Survives Freak Accident (Video)

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