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Tired Old Dog: Short Story (Picture)

This story and picture was sent to me by a friend (Thank You John A.) and I thought it was such a beautiful story that I would share it with everyone. This is told as a true story, however I … Continue reading

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Cockatoo Feeds Dog Spaghetti (Fun Video)

♥ Now this is true love ♥ This white cockatoo whose name is “Queenie” is feeding spaghetti to a dog whose name is “Kenzie”. The dog is an Alaskan Malamute. Sit back and enjoy watching these two beautiful animals. Other … Continue reading

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Sheep Herding Bunny: Sweden (Fun Video)

A pet rabbit “Champis” that lives in the small village of Kal in Sweden is more than a pet, this cute little bunny also herds the sheep. You have to see this to believe it; Champis wasn’t trained to do … Continue reading

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Rags to Riches for a Dog.

This beautiful dog that looks a lot like a labrador, is actually a mastiff mix, and he’s name is Roly. He was unfortunately brought up in a home that no dog should have been allowed to enter, hence he spent an … Continue reading

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Dogs Get Married in Peru (Video)

I had to look twice to make sure I was reading correctly that they were marrying dogs, and sure enough that is what it was all about. You can’t help but smile, the dogs even “sign” the marriage certificate. 😆 … Continue reading

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Ultimate Dog Tease (Fun Video)

There are a lot of these around at the moment, but this one I thought was great. via Andrew Bolt.

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Miracle Tsunami Dog’s Owner Found (Video)

How good is this, this poor dog lost at sea for 3 weeks, floating around of what was left of her owners home, finally gets rescued, and the biggest miracle of all is her owner is found, this is one … Continue reading

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Miracle Tsunami Dog Rescue. (Video)

There is a short story about the rescue in Yahoo 7 News. Update:- This beautiful dog and it’s owner now reunited (Video)

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Dog is Mum to Panther and Wolf (Video)

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Dogs Are Awesome (Video)

Some of these dogs are just incredible.

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