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Sheep Herding Bunny: Sweden (Fun Video)

A pet rabbit “Champis” that lives in the small village of Kal in Sweden is more than a pet, this cute little bunny also herds the sheep. You have to see this to believe it; Champis wasn’t trained to do … Continue reading

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Prison Hotels, Would you stay in One? (Video Included)

There has been a few prisons that have been turned into Hotels in all different locations around the world, some actually don’t look too bad, others more or less still look like a prison, were you can stay in an … Continue reading

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The Ice Hotel Biggest Igloo in the World. (Video)

Ice Hotel An ice hotel is a temporary hotel made up of snow, sculpted blocks of ice, and some steel framing. They are promoted by their sponsors and have special features for travelers who are interested in novelties and unusual … Continue reading

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