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World’s Fastest Toilet: Sydney Australia (Video)

Yes you heard it here first, the Aussies have done it again, oh yes, and we are now the proud owners of the World’s Fastest Toilet. The previous World Record was 68 km/h or just over 42 mph which was … Continue reading

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World Record: Oldest Salsa Dancer (Video)

Sarah”Paddy”Jones won the World Record for being the oldest female acrobatic salsa dancer on the 4th March 2010. Sarah”Paddy”Jones was born in Stourbridge England on the 1st of July 1935. Sarah was 75 when she won the record. When Sarah … Continue reading

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Strangest Record Attempts (Pictures)

There are 32 photos in the picture gallery of all sorts of different, some ridiculous, record attempts, also some that did make a new record. I have picked out 4 very “tame” pictures. In the picture gallery there is a … Continue reading

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What a Car Jump:- World Record Jump (Video)

From YouTube:- The Yellow Driver of Team Hot Wheels breaks the world record for distance jump in a four-wheeled vehicle at the Indianapolis 500 on May 29th 2011. Watch as the Yellow Driver, Tanner Foust, drops 10 stories down 90 … Continue reading

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Sea Serpent (Oarfish) Video Included.

Oarfish are large, greatly elongated, pelagic Lampriform fishes comprising the small family Regalecidae. Found in all temperate to tropical oceans yet rarely seen, the oarfish family contains four species in two genera. One of these, the king of herrings, is … Continue reading

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