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World’s Largest Cuttlefish: Australia (Video)

Australian giant cuttlefish, is the world’s largest cuttlefish species, growing to 50 cm in mantle length and over 10.5 kg or 23 lb in weight, they use special cells in their body to change their colour in an instant. They … Continue reading

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Largest Cave in the World: Vietnam (Video)

Back in 1991 a local found the cave now known as Hang Son Doong cave, which means Mountain River Cave. This cave is very well hidden in the jungle and not easy to get to, it is located near the … Continue reading

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Largest Pigeon in The World (Video)

Not only is this the largest pigeon in the world, but I think also the prettiest. This beautiful pigeon is known by the name Victoria Crowned Pigeon; it was named after the British monarch, Queen Victoria of the United Kingdom. … Continue reading

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Magic Water Tour:- Largest Fountain Complex in the World (Video)

Lima,Peru. The Magic Water Tour, inaugurated July 26, 2007, currently comprises the property of the Park of the Reserve. It was part of a series of projects completed by the mayor of Lima, Dr. Luis Castañeda Lossio at a cost … Continue reading

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