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My Blog Review for 2012 from WordPress

I would like to thank all those people that took the time to come over to look at my blog, and a big thank you to everyone who took the time to leave a comment. Without all those wonderful people … Continue reading

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Mouse Agility (Video)

I’m sure most people have seen or heard about dog agility, well this little mouse does exactly the same, goes over the jumps, through hoops etc. Just an amazing little mouse. Footnote: This will be my last post for about … Continue reading

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New World Record: Golf Shot Caught by a Moving Car (Video)

These guys are incredible, even if you are not into golf, I am sure you will enjoy watching this. 🙂 From You Tube: Watch Formula 1™ legend David Coulthard and pro-golfer Jake Shepherd set a new world record – farthest … Continue reading

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Skyaking: Skydiving With a Kayak (Video)

This is just amazing. From You Tube: Danger man Miles Daisher casts a bizarre image paddling across the sky – 13,000 feet up in a KAYAK. The daredevil has turned extreme sport skydiving on its head after deciding to jump … Continue reading

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Safe Sold on eBay $122.93, Contained $26,000 (Video)

A safe sold by a Tennessee man for $122.93 on eBay, when opened contained $26,000. Just amazing isn’t it what you can find on eBay. 😀 Of course he obviously thought the safe was empty, he has since said that … Continue reading

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New 4D Rollercoaster: Dinoconda China (Video)

This new 4D rollercoaster ride in China seems the ultimate for those that do love to ride rollercoasters. Your seat is hanging over the edge of the tracks, you are going backwards, so you can’t see where you are going, … Continue reading

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Fantastic Photos: Fellow Blogger

Michael Glover has a blog here at WordPress called: Michael Lewis Glover/ Fine Art Photography, and some of his photos are fantastic. Back in January 2012, Michael submitted a photo to the Book of Lists which is published annually by … Continue reading

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Flight Simulator Built in Garage: California (Video)

Air traffic controller and private pilot James Price built a flight simulator out of the nose of a 1969 Boeing 737 in his Pleasanton garage. He has been working on it as a hobby since 2000. When the video starts, … Continue reading

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Tired Old Dog: Short Story (Picture)

This story and picture was sent to me by a friend (Thank You John A.) and I thought it was such a beautiful story that I would share it with everyone. This is told as a true story, however I … Continue reading

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Water-skiing Squirrel: America (Video)

This little water- skiing squirrel is called Twiggy, and she skis along on a miniature pair of water skis, and the small power boat is remote controlled. The video below was taken in 2012 This video below is from 2010, … Continue reading

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